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Musician, Composer, Lyricist, Arranger


Behind every song, every lyric, there is a story.

it may not be a big one or it may be that it was life changing.

The way I see it, whichever way it unfolds, releasing the lyrics makes for change in the process itself.



In the most simplistic of terms it is my journey to try to be a decent person in this world. Within this, I feel the need  to do what is right to do at my level of understanding.


I am an artist whom, with much to learn, is passionate and dedicated to using my work to give where I can. It is my intention to make positive contributions to our society and the way I know, is music.

So, having said this, I have to rely on the heart within my music. The beautiful thing is, that in many circumstances,  there seems to be a place for my works and this is indeed a relief and a privilege.


Well, enough said in words.

Yours in music

 Lisa Park

Composer /Lyricist

Yours in music

lyrics and stories

Releasing by the month in 2018

"Every child in the world deserves to be cared for, born into this world, with a need to trust.

Not a child in the world deserves to be harmed, there is no excuse if we stand by.

We must stand up for their rights, we must help them find a way, back to their childhood, back to their innocence,

back to a life.

Children are beautiful, children are innocent. everything about them, we need to care for.

Some children have no one.

They are left to stand alone.

Who can they trust?

If we could stop this, would we try? Let's try.

Petals of peace, petals of hope for every child on earth.

Peace for every child. 


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