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Lisa Park (aka) Lisa Griffiths

Lisa Park's original compositions and performances have been broadcast throughout the world to audiences of over 100 million throughout Asia and The USA,  including broadcasts by Time Warner.

Signed and managed by former Polygram 
(Universal Records) Australian Promotions Manager in 2002, Paul encouraged Lisa to record with string sections and steered her music into international arenas.


As a performing and recording artist, Australian born Lisa's television and radio coverage have been throughout regions of the USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Israel, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and in many Asian communities.

Lisa has been a resident of China, Finland, the UK, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and holds a deep interest in traditional cultures. She has been invited to perform at numerous national and international main-stage multicultural events on stages such as The Hammerstein Ballroom at the The Manhatten Centre, New York and The Sydney'State Theatre.

Another highlight in Lisa's career was being a contracted performing artist for the Qantas Airlines group.

Classically trained in Melbourne, Australia, Lisa was a student at MLC in Victoria. She went on to be awarded a prestigious private music scholarship at 12 years of age.

In a music school events capacity, she was the Australian Promotions Coordinator for Technics Music Academy (Panasonic) in the overseeing of 24 schools in Sydney, Australia.

Performance Styles:
Contemporary Classical and World Music
Primarily piano, keyboard, and vocal



Professional Highlights

Television and Radio Broadcasts

Lisa's performances and interviews have been to audiences across the globe, including regions of China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, America, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, and Israel.

International Main Stage

Lisa performed her original compositions in New York at the Manhattan Centre Hammerstein Ballroom to the Mayor and audiences of 5000 per night. She shared the stage with a world-renowned artists including the Juilliard String Quartet.

Qantas Airlines

Contracted performing artist for Qantas Airlines Group

SoundTracks - Recordings

Composition/soundtracks in short documentaries such as

Caden Pearson's works (now SBS ) in support of indigenous rights and also New York's NTD Television's coverage on illegal detention of Chinese Human Rights advocates.

Music Academy Coordinator

Panasonic Australia- Technics Musical Instruments

Technics Music Academy- Australian promotions coordinator ( 24 music schools )

International performance residencies

United Kingdom, France, China, Scandinavia, USA, and Australia

Hotel Chains - Solo Duos Trios

Ritz Carlton, Sheraton, Hyatt, Scandic, Ranstasipi, Marriott, Sofitel, Intercontinental,

London Sheraton Hotel - London, UK

Rags (Tramp sister club) The West End, London, UK


Ritz Carlton Hotel- Shanghai, China


Scandic Hotels - Helsinki, Finland


Hamilton Island Resort –The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Sheraton Noosa -Queensland, Australia

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